The Good Rides

The Good Rides is a vehicle rental marketplace dedicated to helping travelers everywhere find the perfect rental vehicle-no matter where they may be and how they choose to travel. Our mission is simple: to delight travelers and vehicles owners around the world with exceptional service and business opportunities. We serve an amerging market of people who want the freedom to see new places, without paying the high cost of vehicle ownership. In 2020, we began as a company that rented out motorbikes. Today, our bike rental business continues to grow. But we are also expanding to cars, vans and boats. We aspire to give our customers many options-wether they prefer traveling by land, sea or air. Our vision is to inspire the world to travel in a way that is sustainable and benefits the community. In the future, we hope people won't remember that we started with bike rentals. Instead they'll remember The Good Rides as a company that empowered them to explore, and also just happened to rent out vehicles.