FAQs for Renters

What are the license requirements for renting? A valid driver's license for cars and a motorcycle license for bikes are required. International renters should have an International Driving Permit and passport.
Are rental vehicles insured? All vehicles come with comprehensive insurance.
Can I rent a vehicle for a one-way trip? Yes, that option is available with additional drop-off fees.
What is the minimum age for renting? 18 years old
How do I make a reservation? Book online, via phone, or in person at our locations.
What is your fuel policy? Vehicles are rented with a full tank and should be returned as such. You can also pre-purchase fuel or pay for used fuel upon return.
Is roadside assistance available? Yes, we provide 24/7 assistance with corresponding charges.
Can I extend my rental period? Extensions are subject to availability and additional charges.
What if I return the vehicle late? Late returns incur additional fees. Inform us in advance if you expect delays.
Do you offer discounts or loyalty programs? Check our website or contact us for ongoing discounts and loyalty program details.
What's the cancellation policy? Free cancellation up to 24 hours before pickup. Late cancellations may be charged.
What should I do in an accident? Contact us and local authorities immediately. Stay at the scene until all procedures are complete.

FAQs for Vehicle Owner Partners

How can I list my vehicle for rent? Register on our website or visit our office. We'll guide you through the listing process.
What types of vehicles can I list? We accept a range of cars and bikes in good condition. Specific requirements are listed on our website.
Is there a fee for listing my vehicle? Listing is free, but we charge a commission on rentals.
How is the rental price determined? Prices are based on vehicle type, model, and market demand. We provide guidelines for setting competitive rates.
What happens if my vehicle is damaged by a renter? We offer insurance coverage for damages. Report the incident immediately for assistance.
How do I get paid? Payments are processed electronically post-rental. Check our payment policy for details.
Can I set availability schedules for my vehicle? Yes, you control when your vehicle is available for rent.
What are my responsibilities as a vehicle owner? Maintain your vehicle in good condition, comply with legal requirements, and adhere to our policies. We also offer insurance purchases on an installment basis
How do you screen renters? We conduct thorough background and license checks to ensure responsible usage.
Can I remove my vehicle from the platform? Yes, you can delist your vehicle at any time following our delisting procedure.
What support do you offer to vehicle owners? We provide support for any queries or issues that you may have, our customer service hours is from 9am to 9pm Mondays through Sundays.
How are disputes with renters handled? We have a dispute resolution process in place. Contact us immediately in case of any disputes.
Do you provide vehicle maintenance support? While we don't offer direct maintenance services, we can recommend trusted service providers.