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Our Story

When it comes to commuting, you can never put a price tag on safety, comfort, and convenience. With these in mind, the Good Rides is born. Our company is the brainchild of true-blooded Cebuanos who completely understand local commuter woes. We’re one of you! We also experienced queueing for hours to get a ride home, squeezed ourselves inside multicabs and jeepneys, and exposed ourselves to toxic fumes and other pollutants. Like many Cebuanos, some of us have been jaded by disrespectful and cunning taxi drivers or the lack of enough ride-hailing cars. We also longed for days when we can bring our families, ourselves, and our friends to a quick weekend getaway and even an interisland day trip (think of Bohol or Camotes!). But unless you own a vehicle, which can cost a lot, your next best option is car rental. The problem is, most options in the market can still break the bank. The Good Rides is a fast-rising car rental company that makes leasing vehicle easy on the pocket. For as low as 380 pesos a day, you can already be behind the wheel of a brand-new car or van. Do you fancy sailing in the Mactan Channel or the wide beaches of the province? Then don’t be shy and pick a yacht. If you crave speed, choose among our options of motorbikes. All these to show our commitment to provide the best traffic and even holiday experience for Cebuanos and the guests of our beloved island.

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